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Kenneth P. O’Brien Attorney/Owner

My name is Ken O’Brien, and I help individuals and families plan for the future.  I do this in three ways: First, I help my clients plan for the day when they might be unable to speak their wishes on financial, legal and medical decisions by preparing comprehensive power of attorney documents.  Second, I help people exercise their right to control important health care decisions through a living will and an advanced medical directive.  Finally, I enable my clients to pass their assets on to their loved ones or a favorite charity through a will or a will-substitute such as a trust.  I conduct all client visits at their home or office.

How can I help you?  Call me at 502-509-4635 or send me an email at ken@rivercityelderlaw.com.  I look forward to working with you.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and personal checks.

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About Pricing

Most lawyers are not very transparent about pricing.  I cannot change that, but I can offer an alternative vision.  I believe you are entitled to know exactly what a service costs before you decide to hire an attorney.  Consequently, I offer all services on a fixed price basis.  The price includes an initial phone conference or in-person visit to discuss your situation, followed by an in-person meeting to review your documents with you before signing, plus any revisions that may be necessary before signing.

Generally, I conduct the in-person meetings at my client’s residence, nursing home, or some other mutually convenient location.  I do not charge for travel time or mileage within Jefferson County, and will discuss the terms for traveling outside of the Louisville area at the time of the initial consultation.

Click here to view my current price list for detailed descriptions of services and prices.  A summary of the price sheet appears below.

River City Elder Law – price sheet summary




Basic Will



Enhanced Will



Durable POA



Living Will



Designation of Health Care Surrogate (Health Care POA)



Will Packages

(Will, Durable POA and both health care documents)

Basic Will Package



Enhanced Will Package



Will Feature Comparison


Basic Will

Enhanced Will

Designates an Executor and Alternate

Identifies your Beneficiaries and directs Executor to distribute specific gifts of money or property to named Beneficiaries (if selected)

Provisions to give the rest of your Estate to named Beneficiaries

Establishes your wishes for a guardian for minor children

Makes gifts to testamentary trust for minor children or people with special needs

Contingent supplemental needs trust for Beneficiaries that may need to preserve eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid or SSI

Please note that my Will services, while thorough, are not meant to address federal estate taxation issues, generation skipping tax issues, business succession or comparable complex taxation issues.  If your estate may exceed $5,000,000, then you should consult your tax professional before you undertake action on an estate plan.