The future of long term care and how to finance it

Long-term care is becoming an important issue for our nation to address.  We have 78 million aging baby boomers.  The costs of long-term care to these baby boomers can be catastrophic and few people have sufficient resources to pay for needed long-term care.

In an effort to deal with this growing concern, the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative (the “Collaborative”) began meeting informally in 2012 for the purpose of finding a solution.  They have since become a formalized group made up of a variety of national experts and stakeholders with varying ideological stances.  Their common goal is to improve the way Americans pay and prepare for non-medical care (Long-term supports and services) needed by the elderly and those living with disabilities.  On February 22, 2016, the Collaborative announced its third and final set of recommendations, which I will discuss in the next series of blog posts.[1]  

[1] Full report:

Ostrich in Fear

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