Scientists reverse Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in mice

I frequently encounter families that are caring for a loved one who has developed Alzheimer’s Disease.  The challenges facing such families are considerable: the high cost of care, loved ones that can exhaust even the most patient family member, and the emotional toil that comes with seeing a parent or other loved one slowly lose the ability to recognize friends and family.  Fortunately, scientists are conducting research to try to reverse the condition.  One team of scientists has reversed symptoms of the condition in mice.  You can read more about their work in this piece by Timothy Seppala in Engadget:

While we may be several years away from an effective treatment, it is possible to make the task of managing the affairs of your loved ones a little easier in the event they develop the disease.  A comprehensive durable power of attorney is an absolutely essential document for every person over the age of 50.  Whether one loses the ability to make financial and other decisions due to Alzheimers, a stroke, or some other condition, having a durable power of attorney can make it easier for your family members to handle your affairs: including the possibility of preserving your assets when you become eligible for Medicaid.